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Classic WoW: Warrior - The Classic WoW

Choosing a Warrior Race

Here is our selection of the best races for a warrior.

Alliance PvE : Human

Sword Specialization / Mace Specialization
 : Must have to increase your hit chance and get fewer dodges / blocks ...
Perception : Very good vs rogues to initiate the fight.

Alliance PvP : Gnome

Escape Artist: Very powerful for melee DPS in PvP to avoid getting kited.

Horde PvE (Tank) : Tauren

War Stomp: Useful for AOE Stun in PvE / PvP
Endurance : More health = More survivability

Horde PvE / PvP DPS : Orc

Blood Fury - Burst burst burst ! Can use it with trinkets.
Hardiness - One of the best PvP racial skills, one resist can change a fight!
Axe Specialization Must have to increase your hit chance and get fewer dodges / blocks ...

Horde PvP : Undead

Will of the Forsaken : One of the best PvP Racials, you'll be the nightmare of warlock / priest.
Cannibalize: Free food! Serve yourself.

Warrior’s strengths:

  • Great DPS class in vanilla / Classic (fury for PvE and arms for PvP)
  • Best tanking class
  • High Skill Cap
  • Can Tank as any spec!
  • Flexible Weapon Progression

Warrior’s weaknesses

  • Slow Leveling
  • Low Mobility
  • High Gear Dependence
  • Costly Repairs
  • Vulnerable in open world PvP
  • Difficulty Farming Gold
  • Overpopulated class.