Choosing a Warlock Race

Here is our selection of the best races for a Warlock.

Alliance PvP : Gnome

Gnome is the race with the highest base intellect of the game.
Expansive Mind: +5% intellect, best stat for you.
Escape Artist: Very powerful in PvP to avoid getting kited.

Horde PVE & PVP : Orc

Hardiness - One of the best PvP racial skills, one resist can change a fight!

Horde PvP : Undead

Will of the Forsaken : One of the best PvP Racials, you'll be the nightmare of warlock / priest.
Cannibalize: Free food! Serve yourself.

Warlocks strengths:

  • Great Leveling Speed
  • High Damage
  • High Sustain
  • High Utility
  • Self-Reliant
  • Multi-Target Excellence
  • Low Gear Dependance
  • Strong Open World PvP
  • Free level 40 Mount

Warlocks weaknesses:

  • Low Mobility
  • Reduced Inventory Space (Soul Shards)
  • Pet Training Cost (Grimoires)