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Classic WoW: Shaman Pre-Raid Gear - The Classic WoW
Best Crown of the PenitentReward from Houses of the Holy
Optional Coif of ElementsDrops from by Darkmaster Gandling
Enchant Lesser Arcanum of VoracityReward from Libram of Voracity


Best Tooth of GnarrDrops from General Drakkisath
Optional Jeweled Amulet of CainwynBind on Equip World Drop


Best Royal Cap SpauldersDrops from Jandice Barov
Optional Living ShouldersCreated by Living Shoulders
Enchant Chromatic Mantle of the DawnPurchased from Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock


Best Archivist Cape of HealingDrops from Archivist Galford
Enchant Enchant Cloak - Greater ResistanceEnchant Recipe Formula: Enchant Cloak - Greater Resistance


Best Robes of the ExaltedDrop from Baron Rivendare
Enchant Enchant Chest - Greater StatsEnchant Recipe Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats


Best Loomguard ArmbracesDrops from Kirtonos the Herald
Enchant Enchant Bracer - Greater IntellectEnchant Recipe Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Intellect


Best Senior Designer's PantaloonsDrops from Fineous Darkvire
Enchant Lesser Arcanum of VoracityReward from Libram of Voracity


Best Atal'ai Gloves of HealingDrops from Atal'ai Defenders in Sunken Temple
Optional Hands of PowerDrops from Quartermaster Zigris


Best Sash of MercyBind on Equip World Drop
Optional Dustfeather SashDrops from Solakar Flamewreath


Best Omnicast BootsDrops from Golem Lord Argelmach
Optional Verdant FootpadsDrops from Stonespine
Enchant Enchant Boots - Minor SpeedLearned from Enchanting Trainer


Best Fordring's SealReward from In Dreams
Best Rosewine CircleDrops from Urok Doomhowl
Best Mark of the Dragon LordDrops from Overlord Wyrmthalak


Best Briarwood ReedDrops from Jed Runewatcher
Best Second WindDrops from Golem Lord Argelmach
Optional Shard of AfrasaReward from Heroes of Old

Main Hand

Best The Hammer of GraceDrops from Doom'rel


Best Gizlock's Hypertech BucklerDrops from Tinkerer Gizlock
Optional Thaurissan's Royal ScepterDrops from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan