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Addons - The Classic WoW

Weapon Swing Timer:

WeaponSwingTimer is an addon for WoW Classic that tracks your’s and your target’s swing timers.

If you’re a hunter, it tracks Auto Shot timing and castable shots cast time.

If you use a wand, it also tracks when your shots will go off.


Questie ~ The Classic Quest Helper

Classic wow Quest Helper




Adds castingbars to the target frame and nameplates in Classic World of Warcraft. Cast times are estimates only.

You can also modify your own castingbar.


Real Mob Health

RealMobHealth records damage taken by a mob. This is used to estimate its max health when in combat and stores it for better accuracy in the future. RealMobHealth also broadcasts discovered health to others using the addon and can query them for unknown mobs.

/RMHDel [UnitID]
Removes selected UnitID from stored health values. This defaults to target if not specified. (Does not effect received peer data)

Clears all recorded health data




Aura Durations timer



Details! Damage Meter

Most powerful, reliable, handsome, damage meter for World of Warcraft.




WeakAuras is a powerful and flexible framework that allows the display of highly customizable graphics on World of Warcraft’s user interface to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information. This addon was created to be a lightweight replacement for Power Auras but has since introduced more functionalities while remaining efficient and easy to use.